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Are You A Rapture Watcher? Don’t Give Up Your Rapture Blessed Hope. Whether People Believe It Or Not, Rapture Day Is Inevitable! You Must Be Perpetually Ready For The Glorious Rapture.

Are you a rapture watcher? You must read and share the vital messages below from our Lord Jesus Christ through his reliable prophetic seers. Don’t give up your rapture blessed hope. Whether people believe it or not, rapture day is inevitable! You must be perpetually ready for the glorious rapture. Jesus Christ will appear in the sky suddenly one day unexpectedly! As a dedicated rapture watcher, your crown of righteousness is awaiting you in heaven if you endure until rapture day.

Heavenly Crown

Scoffers will continue to mock our rapture blessed hope. However, we must not give up! Our steadfast endurance will be rewarded when we get to Heavenly New Jerusalem on glorious rapture day.

Heavenly Street of Gold

Pearly Gate Of Heaven

King Jesus

Raptured or left behind? Rapture day is inevitable! Maranatha.


Vital Message From Lord Jesus Christ:

“If you are caught up in the ways of the world you will be left.”

(Words Received from Our LORD Jesus Christ By Susan Davis, December 13, 2013).


Children, it is I, your GOD, I am here to give you more Words:

There is a definite change in the atmosphere. Look around you, it is everywhere. The people are oblivious to MY Coming, but MY SPIRIT-filled ones see it: those who know their GOD; those who spend time with ME in the secret place; those who read their Bibles daily; those who share MY SPIRIT. They see with MY Eyes what is going on in the world.

God's Word Is The Bible

I am coming to pull out those who are watching, ONLY those who watch.  All others who are handling the world will be left.  If you are caught up in the ways of the world you will be left. This is a hard Word but it is MY Truth. Read MY Book and see for yourself.  If you knew ME, you would know this is Truth. Only those who are standing close to ME will be seen by ME and be taken when I come back for MY own.

Raptured Saints

These are the ones I desire to be with for eternity, the ones I will call MY bride, the ones I will share nuptials with. These are the ones who will be with ME as MY bride for eternity. Those who are left behind can come to ME later, but they will not be MY bride and many will fall away in sudden destruction without any hope of recovery.

Left Behind People On Rapture Day

This is a SERIOUS WORD, MY children. You must know that I am a GOD of  TRUTH. You must also know that I am a GOD WHO cannot be played with. Do not try ME or MY Patience. Yes, I am long suffering but don’t reject the price that was paid for you on the Cross for long or you may miss your chance for salvation.

Sudden Rapture

These are serious Words for serious times. MY Coming is soon.  Sober up, get ready, prepare your garments, focus on ME. I am your ONLY HOPE.  Surrender your all to ME, surrender to MY Will. Repent to your GOD for past evil, read MY Book everyday, pray for your neighbors and loved ones and pray that you may be found worthy at MY Coming. These Words are Truth, I am a GOD of Truth.

This is the LORD on High.

Coordinating Scripture:

Psalm 91 (KJV): He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most HIGH shall abide under the Shadow of the ALMIGHTY.

Revelation 16:15 (KJV): Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

James 4:4 (KJV): Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with GOD? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of GOD.

Matthew 22:1-14:—The Parable of the King’s Wedding for His Son

Vital Message From Lord Jesus Christ:

“No one will be safe from the domination of evil man run by evil spirits.”

(Words Received from Our LORD Jesus Christ by Susan Davis, December 15, 2013).

Dear Children,

This is your LORD.  I AM coming and NO one can stop ME.  Some believe I will not ever  come.  Some believe I am not coming for a long time.  Some think of ME as a far off GOD.  I am none of these.  I am coming with MY mighty angel army.  I am going to split the skies open with the beauty of MY Majesty and MY Presence.  Those watching will see ME first.  They will see their KING make a grand entrance.

The Angels & Jesus On Rapture Day

The stage will be set for the removal of MY bride to lift her up into the skies out of harm’s way.  She will follow ME out to safety.  I will pull her free.  There will be mass hysteria.  People will run everywhere wondering what has happened because of the devastation and missing people. There will be many explanations for what has taken place.  Most will be inspired by evil, who want to down play MY Coming.

Breaking News

Rapture Day News Report

Christ Returns News

The world will not be the same.  It will be the start of a new era—the onset of the antichrist kingdom in full force: man’s way of coping with the aftermath of the removal of MY bride from the earth.  Once MY bride is taken free and MY SPIRIT is taken out of the way, the enemy’s kingdom will come into power in full force and no one will be safe from the domination of evil man run by evil spirits from the kingdom of darkness.

Endtime Timeline

Horror will reign on earth as I allow MY wrath to pour over the earth.  Tribulation will reign supreme—Great Tribulation.  MY children who are left behind will face their darkest hour.  Dark decisions will be theirs to make choosing between the antichrist system which leads ultimately to eternal doom or choosing against the commanding system leading to their martyrdom.  Many will be tortured and suffer greatly in order to escape the kingdom of darkness that will rule the earth and all who remain behind.

Great Tribulation Saint

You can avoid this end—turn to ME now as your only hope.  Give ME your all in all—full surrender of your will into MY Hands.  I will protect you, guide you, keep you in MY Will if you so desire to be MINE.  Just surrender, repent, and submit yourself over to ME.  All will be well between us.  I will protect you from the coming evil: a system that is even now in the works.

Please turn your life over to ME.  I am pleading with you children.  Walk with your GOD into safekeeping.



Coordinating Scripture:

Acts 1:11 (KJV): Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same JESUS, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen HIM go into heaven.

Luke 17:24 (KJV):  For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the SON of man be in HIS day.

Luke 21:36 (KJV):  Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the SON of man.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 (KJV): For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only HE WHO now letteth will let, until HE be taken out of the way.

Revelation 14:9-10 (KJV): And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of GOD, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the LAMB:

Be Rapture Ready Always

Prophetic Words From Our Lord Jesus Christ For All Rapture Watchers Worldwide

By Donald Mcdonald

I have included the written words of the radio interview on December 6, 2013 with Pastor Curtis Roach in London. If you did not get to listen to the audio, I have included the written prophetic Words the Lord spoke to me for the people AND FOR ALL OF YOU. Please read this brief but powerful message from the Lord.

I (Donna) have gotten on the floor and knelt with my head covered and pleaded with the LORD for the listeners and asked HIM, Dear LORD, do you have Words for the listeners…? Here are the printed Words below and the radio show link: :

Yes, Daughter I have Words for you to deliver to the listeners. This is your LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, Amen.

Dear Children, I Am the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, the MAKER of the heaven and earth.

I come to you through the voice of MY servant, Donna. She is to deliver this message to you. She is meek and of ME and this is why I chose her to deliver this message. She pursues ME and MY FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT with all of her heart. Children, this is the LORD speaking. You must come to ME NOW. I am pleading with you in these last hours. These are the last hours before I make MY mark on this earth. I am going to let the floodgates open and let the enemy have his way with this earth soon. The earth will be given over to him and it is just a matter of a short time. There is not much time left and you must be on the alert. You are MY enemy if you do not listen to this message and fold into ME and MY plan for you. You must listen very closely for I am your GOD and I have your best interests in mind. I am not here to tickle your ears or to placate you or pat you on your back. There are many of MY children perishing every day while you are looking on your ipods, your computers, and your screens of all sorts. YOU are MY warriors, MY end time warriors and I Am CALLING YOU to battle. You must put down your weapons of the world that will go soft in battle and pick up MY Weapons. MY Weapons are ones that the world does not identify with. These are MY Weapons:

1.       Humility—you must be a humble warrior—put on the cloak of humility. I cannot have a warrior that is prideful and wants their own way. MY warriors must listen to MY Call and MY Orders to be right with ME and to lead the sheep into the correct pasture.

2.       Love—you must, must, must love your neighbor. This is literal. You must go out of your way to show love and kindness to those around you. This is a method that throws the enemy off of your path. He cannot track you and keep up with you when you show LOVE. It is with LOVE that I allowed MYSELF to be crucified and it is with LOVE that MY FATHER sent ME to earth to suffer for you once and for all.

3.       Generosity—you must be generous with your time and resources. If someone admires something you have or something you use or own just give it to them. Tell them you will not need it anyway because your LORD will be coming back soon for the rapture and you are betting your money and your valuables on that.

4.       Earnestness—be true and earnest to your word. If you say something let it be the Truth.

5.       Fidelity—let your life speak for and of ME. If you are true to your word and you walk closely with ME and you walk for ME then you will show the world you are a person of your word and your word means you are of ME. People will listen when you walk with fidelity.

6.       Commitment—be committed to your GOD. Everything you do must be a reflection of your relationship with ME. If you are of ME and in ME then what you do will reflect ME.

7.       SPIRIT—you must be filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT in order to have the dunamis you need, the power you need to complete the tasks I have given you, your assignment from ME in this fallen world.

It is simple to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT. The enemy wants MY Filling to sound like an enigma and make it mysterious, but it is not, it is simple. Just pray earnestly that you would like to be filled with MY HOLY SPIRIT and I will come into you and fill you up. As you submit your will to ME, as I educate you on MY Ways, then you will stay filled. It is not enough to invite ME to fill you, you must continue to search ME out and submit to ME and I will continue to keep you filled. It is like a hot air balloon that needs the heat to stay full and light, and in the air, so the same with the HOLY SPIRIT. You need MY Heat, MY Fire, MY HOLY SPIRIT to stay full and fulfilled to do MY Work.

8.       Daily Walk—You must pursue ME daily, your GOD, to be in MY Will. You must stay in MY Will in order to do MY Work. Pursue ME by reading MY Word as early as possible in the day, read and then pray to ME. Call out to ME for your loved ones, and the ones you have shared and witnessed to and I will hear your prayers, your cries, and intervene for you to MY FATHER in heaven WHO waits to hear MY every breath and MY every Word to call out to HIM for MY children and intervene for you on behalf of your prayer requests.

England and Great Britain and the rest of the world. These words are for you. These are MY Words. I want you to take them to heart. I have recited them to MY servant, Donna, for your benefit and edification. I intend for each of you to take these to heart. They line up with scripture so do not quibble over a phrase or preposition and say this does not sound like the GOD you know. Look at the body of a prophesy—is the message clear and succinct and does it line up with the scriptures that you know from MY Book and MY Words?

I am your GOD, your Loving FATHER, your Hope in this dark, dark, world. The world is spiraling down and I Am giving MY Words and Ways out to MY prophets. You must listen and take heed lest you be left behind and everyone who is dear to you will suffer as well and be taken captive by MY enemy. THIS IS THE GREATEST BATTLE OF YOUR LIFE. THERE WILL BE NO BIGGER BATTLE THAN THE ONE FOR YOUR VERY SOUL. If you have served in the military in WW2 such as the Battle of the Bulge or the Battle in Afghanistan or in Iran or Iraq or Korea or Vietnam or any other war you will not know warfare like you will know when you are enlightened of the stealthiness of the enemy, Satan. He knows no boundaries and no limits and he knows no international treaties or limits of war. He does not fight with a conscience or within international laws. He fights dirty. He fights with no remorse. He fights like he is there to win at all costs. He is a stealthy victor in many battles. There is ONE THING he needs to know, though. MY army, MY warriors are one step ahead of him. They have the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT and of love, and the Word, and of humility, and peace. MY Army fights with weapons that satan is not skilled at using and will behave as if he has never heard of them or seen them. MY enemy will be rendered useless when you fight, take up the battle with the Weapons I have identified in this Body of Work.

You do not have to be young and physically strong to be MY Warriors. Some of MY generals, seven starred, are the most feeble little ladies you have ever seen. They are in nursing homes and rest homes and they spend their days offering up condolences for humanity and call out to ME, their GOD, for the salvation of those around them. You want to know who will be around ME in heaven? Well it won’t be the likes of the Internet or TV preachers who talk about money, money, money, or have their names plastered all over everything they publish. The people who will be around ME in heaven will be the little people that no one paid attention to and the people thought to be crazy because they pursued me like a comet on fire. They were all over ME on earth and pursued ME like I was the ONLY Answer in their life to their problems and their longings to be near ME in heaven.

Do not persecute this daughter, this prophet of MINE. If you do not like this message then you get with ME and pray to ME for the answers to your questions. I Am a GOD that desires each of you, MY children, to hear MY Voice but first I want to hear yours. I want you to go hoarse in your spirit calling out to ME in prayer and supplication for yourself and those around you.  You have plenty of time to pray—every stoplight, every train stop, every bus ride, every walk, every bike ride, every moment you push a stroller. When you stand at the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, in the shower like MY son Buddy Baker whom I give great visions in the shower. I don’t care if you are unclothed, clothed, or smelly and dirty. I made you and I created you and I want you just as you are. This is one thing, my son Billy Graham got right is you are to come, “just as I am” to ME.  One other thing you and he need to get right is that you must have a complete and total filling of MY HOLY SPIRIT in order to be right with ME. A half-filled oil lamp or half-portion of MY HOLY SPIRIT will not do. It will not make you lighter than air and it will not lift you to the heavenlies when I come for MY Rapture of MY bride, the church. MY bride is beautiful and she is white and radiant and perfect for Me because she has prepared herself and made herself beautiful to ME in all her ways. Let ME count them, the ways…How does she love ME?

1.     She is a radiant bride—she has made herself holy and beautiful. She shuns all worldly things because she knows they are distasteful to her GROOM.

2.     She pursues ME with all of her heart and being. This is how she shows ME she loves ME. She is thinking of ME 24/7 as I Am her First LOVE and Only LOVE. O’ you may love your spouse, or fiancé, or your children, or parents, or siblings, but you must love ME more and desire ME more.  As you commit yourself to ME this longing for ME will grow stronger.

3.    She reads MY Love Letters to her. These letters are called the Old Testament and New Testament. You understand this, it is self-explanatory.

4.     She worships and praises MY Name. This does not have to be done by a tenor or soprano or public speaker. She can praise me with her simple small voice that is off key or hoarse or tired or not feeling well. She can praise ME with a few words or many words for I know her heart. When she is tired or ill I know a few words will suffice for I know her heart. A smile from the heart goes a long way with your GOD.

5.     She shows ME she loves ME by going out of her way for others. She can do this with a baby in arms or a toddler or sick parent or at work. She does not have to schedule it though she may put this activity of loving others on her calendar. I Am not all about works but I am about MY FATHER’s Business which is bringing others to ME and then to Him. Only those who come to ME will ever share the presence of MY FATHER, MY O’ so Holy FATHER in heaven. Going out of your way for others does not have to be long and tedious. O’, no. Just pick something up from the ground for them, pay a few extra cents in line that someone needs, turn around to someone standing beside you or sitting next to you. Speak loving or positive words to those. Then you may say that GOD loves you very much and I want you to know that we are in the end times and He is coming back soon for HIS church, HIS bride, and HE wants you to go with HIM and not be left behind. This is how you can assure yourself you will not be left behind. Give them the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” link. You can print it on a business card and pass it out or you can verbally speak it to them to copy or write it on a scratch piece of note book paper. You can record it anywhere or any way you like. It is the most succinct body of Truth in how to be prepared for MY soon coming that is in print. I have personally ordained this body of work by the power of MY HOLY SPIRIT to Susan Davis when she was on a forty-day fast. MY daughter, Donna, works with Susan. They are ministry partners under ME and the HOLY SPIRIT. One is the mouth, one is the set of hands, but they both make up a body that works for MY purposes in these end times.

This daughter has faithfully recorded these Words for you, the listeners of Minister Curtis Roach’s radio hour in the UK but these Words are for all believers and all those who want to be rapture ready for your soon coming KING.

This is the LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. Amen, Amen, Amen.  Let those wedding bells Ring, Ring, Ring.  Amen.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered with a Holy Kiss from your CREATOR. Amen.

(Words from the LORD Jesus Christ given to Donna McDonald)

 The End Time

Vital Message From Lord Jesus Christ:

“If  you are not in MY Will then you are not right with ME.”

(Words Received from Our LORD Jesus Christ By Susan Davis, December 3, 2013)

It is I, your GOD.  I am ready to give you Words.

MY children, you must take heed. I am a GOD WHO is Truthful. The Truth must be told and I tell it. The world is spiraling down. It is rejecting its GOD.  Few are really following ME the way I want to be followed. This is MY remnant, the rest remain lost far from ME.  Few understand what I require to remain in MY good graces. So many believe they understand, but most men operate outside of MY Will.

It is being in MY Will that is most important.  If you are not in MY Will then you are not right with ME.  Only those in MY Will, will be raptured. It is those who will be saved. The others who remain outside of MY Will, will be left behind to face the worst because they have chosen to live apart from GOD.

MY Will is the ONLY safe place. There is NO OTHER safe place. If you are outside of MY Will you are being run by the enemy.  And if you don’t change, you are as good as dead to me. You must pursue ME at all costs.  Pursue ME as if your life depends on it because it does. Pray earnestly to be in MY Will. Pray fervently to be in your GOD’s Will. Your will, which is the enemy’s will is a stench to ME and MY Ways.  It is rebellion and treason against MY Kingdom.

Many of you will not like to hear these Words because you are unfamiliar with MY Ways. But I am a GOD of Precision and Righteousness. I do not take well to rebellion. MY rebellious children who do not change their ways will be cast away.  Despite MY Love for them, I am still a Righteous JUDGE. I cannot deny WHO I am. I stand for holiness and perfection. MY Ways are Perfect and MY Love is always Perfect.

If you think this is a hard Word.  Who can walk on this path?  Only those who surrender to MY Will. Those who surrender to MY Will: they become perfect through the Power of MY HOLY SPIRIT, and by the Blood that I gave on Calvary.  MY Blood covers your imperfection, MY SPIRIT guides you to all Truth, and I lead you out to safety. There is NO other path.

Today you must make a choice.  If you want to be near ME and MY Safety, you must decide to be in MY Will. I want you to choose for ME. I want you to choose to give ME your all. I want you to lay your life down before ME, repent of your former ways and sin. Come with a remorseful heart for living apart from MY Will.  I want you to see living for the world and MY enemy is not the correct path to MY Will.  It is a broad road to  @#!*% to which many, even most are going.

Very few want to be in their GOD’s Will. Only a remnant really pursue MY Will. Let me show you the Way: surrender your all to ME and I will give you ALL of ME.  Come into MY Saving Grace, and Power, and live the life you were meant to live. Be prepared and make ready for MY Coming, as this hour is closing in and as the world is descending into complete darkness apart from its love and respect for ME and MY Ways.  I change not. I am the Unchanging GOD. Pursue ME and be saved.

This is the GOD of Your Salvation.


Coordinating Scripture:

Matthew 7:21-23 (KJV): 21 Not everyone that saith unto ME, LORD, LORD, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the Will of MY FATHER which is in heaven.  22 Many will say to ME in that day, LORD, LORD, have we not prophesied in THY Name? And in THY Name have cast out devils? And in THY Name done many wonderful works?  23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

1 Samuel 15:23 (KJV):  For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the Word of the LORD, HE hath also rejected thee from being king.

Romans 12:2 (KJV):  And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, Will of GOD.

Matthew 7:14 (KJV): Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Resurrection & Rapture Day


Compiled By Donna Mcdonald

FOUR DREAMS, FOUR PEOPLE HAD (TWO ON THE SAME NIGHT), FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE WORLD AND SENT TO SUSAN DAVIS SHOWING SIMILAR EVENTS: Susan received a Skype message and Rapture Dream from Paradzayi Pathias Bongo, Harare, Zimbabwe on Friday, April 12, 2013 which is here below.  But here is the amazing thing: right after Susan received Paradzayi’s incredible dream account, I next went to my email and immediately opened an email from Malva Shearer in the US.  Malva’s Dream took place on the same night as Paradzayi’s and they ALL shared the same account of seeing meteors (also known as shooting stars or asteroids) invading the skies like a meteor shower (SEE THE PARTS HIGHLIGHTED BELOW) .  It is startling that they had a similar account, dreamed on the same night, they all sent me their emails, and of all the mail I get, I opened them consecutively. So here are the four accounts and you can read them for yourself:



DREAM 1: A VERY DETAILED AND STARTLING DREAM ABOUT THE RAPTURE from Paradzayi Pathias Bongo of Harare, Zimbabwe:

Thursday, April 11, 2013: During the past night, I had a vivid and detailed, startling dream about the rapture.  It was as if I was in a building at a certain place (not our home) that seemed to be like at a raised platform.  It seemed as if people were at some festival or celebration-like event.  I looked up into the sky and saw big white clouds.  As I looked intently at them, I saw even smaller clouds that were whiter than the big clouds.

These whiter clouds appeared to be shaped like cars and were moving in the sky in a chain-like formation, getting to a point where they descended to the earth.  I saw my wife and my sister next to me.  That is when I said to them, “Hey guys, I sense that the rapture is about to happen!”  Just after I said this, the small car-like clouds increased and continued to descend to the earth.  In my mind, I had concluded that these were carriages that would convey people up in the rapture.

I went out of the building, and as I did that, I began to see what were like shooting stars, comets and other lights, invading the sky.  I then realized the rapture was taking place and I turned to look to my right up in the sky and I saw very big, ghastly and dark-colored winged creatures that were like birds (like giant bats) in very large swarms coming upon the earth very, very fast.  They were in the thousands and were flying in a formation, in very thick lines. They resembled some ferocious and huge monster bird-like creatures I had seen in horror movies some time ago and on some posters of horror/sci-fi movies. I immediately knew they were hordes of demons invading the earth.

Just as this was happening, I was suddenly taken up from the earth, and the next moment I was shooting upwards into the atmosphere at a terrific speed. As I was going up, I was muttering something like “Thank you LORD for counting me worthy to go in the rapture, I did not deserve to.”

As the atmospheric wind was blowing on me in my ascent, I closed my eyes as I continued to shoot up at a terrific speed.  I felt my body and realized that I had been transformed.  I touched my head and my shoulders and noticed that my entire body had changed instantly.  It was lighter and warmer and it felt differently from my earthly body.  To further check and make sure if I had been really transformed, I put my index finger in my mouth to feel it.  Again it felt different and then it then dawned on me that I was actually going up in the rapture.  I then opened my eyes as I was flying through the atmosphere.  I saw the dark atmosphere and stars all over, some around and some above me, far into outer space.  As I continued my ascent in that state ( I mean with my eyes opened), I suddenly started to become afraid of the dark outer space atmosphere.  As soon as that fear came upon me, woke up at 05:50am.  Upon waking up, with my physical eyes open, I could still see stars in my bedroom and I was enveloped by the Presence of GOD.  I even panicked, thinking that the dream was real – the rapture had already taken place and I was left behind…

DREAM 2: Email and Dream Account from Malva Shearer, USA, sent on Friday, April 12, 2013:

Hi Susan,

I have felt two or three times this morning that I was to write to you so here I go…last night (Thursday, April 11, 2013) I had a dream that I was standing in an open field watching either bombs or asteroids falling to the earth. I don’t know which of the two it was. As I was standing in the field they would fall and when they hit the ground fires would start, it looked like campfires; but no people were around. As I was watching and looking out over the vast field there were 100’s of fires burning and whatever was falling from the sky just kept comingI was unafraid, standing by myself ( I felt that was my family was somehow behind me, but I never saw them).  I was observing what was happening, but none of the bombs or asteroids fell directly by me.

I prayed this morning, as I always do, in the mornings but as the day has gone on I feel a great sickness in my spirit; almost overwhelming me.  I have just prayed in tongues then as the sickness has grown.  This sickness is my spirit is so strong that I feel a great disaster is coming here to the USA very, soon, perhaps even in the next few days.

If the Lord Jesus gives you anything to share with me I would appreciate it. If not, that is fine too. I am keeping my eyes fixed upon Him.

Thanks for your time,

In our Beloved Jesus,

Malva Shearer

DREAM 3: I (Susan) received this THIRD letter from Roshan Singh of South Africa that matches the other two dreams above:

Dearest Sister Susan (April 26, 2013):

I just read about the two other testimonies about seeing meteorites/asteroids connected to the Rapture and I want to also add that I also had a dream about a week ago about looking up at the sky and seeing meteorites/asteroids moving around by the thousands and then suddenly feeling that the Rapture was about to take place. In the dream, I just felt that I needed to be right and ready before the LORD for the Rapture when I saw the moving meteorites/asteroids. I, interestingly enough, never to date dreamt about the Rapture at all and this was the first and only one.

Your brother in CHRIST,

Roshan Singh

South Africa

DREAM 4: I (Susan) received this FOURTH letter in December 2013 from a friend who had her first end times dream—notice the amazing similarity she reports in her dream to the other three reports:

I had my first end times dream last night, I could call down angels it seems.  I was with people preparing them or something like that.  We will do what is good for the whole. My dream started with, looking out a window and seeing like asteroids – meteors, flying across the sky.  Then I felt I was left behind, waking up with that is not a good feeling.

Rapture dream letter from a reader:

Hi Susan,

Thank you for all the messages, and your books. I had a dream that I would like to share with you. This happened on the 23rd of November,  2013. Prior to this day the LORD told me a week before hand that I should be fervent in prayer because he wants to show me something, and I must tell all those around me.

Anyway it was Saturday night and I couldn’t sleep. I watched a number of testimonies and a movie. Then finally fell asleep at 4am, but was up again at 6.30am. It was when I drifted off. I was in a room with people. They were buying and selling, a woman was buying jewelry for her daughter, while others were buying other things. The dream then changed to me being in a foreign country and I was talking to people on the street about the rapture. All of a sudden, I found myself in a field with loads of people, and the rapture happened. I saw only but a few white lights go up to the skies, and then the heavens closed. As soon as this happened there was pandemonium: people were running everywhere screaming and shouting. Someone grabbed my arm and said, “Run.”  I shook them off and said, “No.”  I then looked ahead of me and saw a man in blue with people around him pleading to be taken. The man said, “No more, no one else is going” (may have been an angel).  At this point, I decided to run home and get my passport and bag, but something said to me there is a demon waiting for people who are left behind in their homes.

As I got to the house with a man, I saw demons in peoples’ houses waiting for them.  I then said to the young man: “Let’s run, we can’t get our stuff.”  As we were about to run two demons intercepted us. I then brought out a gun and shot the one that was after me. The demon fell down immobilized and I fled. After this I saw myself in the field again, lifted up my head and was taken to the skies. There I saw many saints and angels praising GOD. Some saints to the front were wearing white robes with golden and silver belts and sashes, while some had just a white garment on. I am not sure if those with only white garments on were those from the tribulation or not. But anyway, a man waved and told me to go to where the raptured saints were. This I did and in the dream I woke up.

Glorious Rapture Day

Divine Message from Shannon Johnson:

The LORD came to me in a dream and when I had awakened from the dream the time was 12:20 am.  Here is the dream: some people were trying to get us to move on a rainy day from where we were and they said we will demolish these old homes to make room for you.

So we looked at the houses, but we did not like them, so we left and as we were driving, I could see this red object behind some trees. We could not make anything of it at first, but the closer we got to it, we saw it was a blood moon and it was getting bigger and bigger.

And we could see this face appear in it and the face was the face of a skeleton and it had numbers on the bottom of it in the right corner, similar to the U.S. coin and I heard the words in my spirit: “Tracking device for the new world order.”


The LORD woke me and gave me the meaning to the dream: the house that I saw was not ours and to stay where we are now!  The rain that we saw represents an economic storm that is coming and the face that you saw in the blood moon was indeed a skeleton and it represents death to the world economy.  The currency will collapse and it will be replaced by a new world currency: the mark of the Beast.


So I Googled blood moon, skeleton, and it sent me to this site and it read:

First of all I will interpret the Latin words on the seal. ‘Annuit Coeptis’ means ‘Announcing The Birth Of’ and ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ means ‘New World Order.’  So therefore it says ‘Announcing the birth of the New World Order.’ The date in roman numerals is 1776, the year the modern Illuminati was formed and also the year of American independence.


The Latin ‘E Pluribus Unum’ means ‘One out of many’ (that is, order out of chaos) which is the foundation of  the New World Order’s plan to unify the world’s governments, religions, and money systems into one so the world can be controlled and WHY THE ANTICHRIST MUST COME SOON!!!

New World Order

Revelation 13:16-18: 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.

Bar Code

Susan’s Testimony About the Mark of the Beast

On recent occasions, I have spoken to two different groups of people in two different locations/venues about the coming of the Mark of the Beast and that the current RFID chip and the corresponding International bar coding system was the Mark of the Beast as mentioned in the Bible.  The LORD has revealed to me over and over that the RFID chip/International bar coding system is the one and only mark of antichrist system.  The LORD recently confirmed this to me again.

The Mark Of The Beast Or Bar-code

Here is what happened.  I spoke to my Bible study group that despite what people said this RFID system is the mark of the Beast.  As I was speaking to the Bible study group about how the LORD has revealed this to me over and over, one of the ladies in the Bible study had left the room and came back in with a stunned look on her face.  After I finished telling the group about the truth of the RFID chip, the lady who came back into the room said she saw a large angel standing behind me looking down on me the whole time I was speaking to the group.  She continued to describe the angel as very bright and she saw his face and it looked like a man’s face.  That was the first encounter…

Heavenly Angel

About two weeks later, I was speaking to a completely different group in Chicago and putting out the same message about the coming of the LORD and the RFID chip.  And yet another person claimed (she did not know about the other encounter with the angel), she saw a large angel standing behind me as I spoke.  She said this angel had a gold crown on and was sprinkling gold dust on my shoulder as I spoke to the people.

Now I just want to say that these people who reported seeing these two different angels did not know about each other’s sightings nor had they spoken to each other—and yet they reported almost identical accounts. I believe this is another clear sign to me that the RFID microchip is the mark of the Beast.

The Microchip (Mark of The Beast)

Are you still an unbeliever or unrepentant sinner? You must accept the great salvation of Jesus Christ now! If you remain in your rebellion against Jesus Christ, you will be left behind on rapture day by Jesus Christ. Also, if you die without accepting the great salvation offer of Jesus Christ, you will end up in eternal burning hell! How can you be saved? It is very simple. Take the steps below.



The following prayer, “The Sinner’s Prayer” (also known as the Prayer of Salvation) is by no means meant to be an “official prayer”, but rather a sample prayer to follow when asking Jesus Christ into your heart. You may certainly pray to God in your own words.

Regarding the location of the Sinner’s Prayer in the Bible? Well, there isn’t one mentioned; it is only implied. The basis of the Sinner’s Prayer comes from Romans 10:9-10. “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

If  you say the following prayer and mean it with all your heart; along with repenting of your sins (asking for forgiveness), we believe that you will be saved and be born again.  You may be wondering, “What happens next?” First, you will need to get into a bible-based church and study God’s Word. Once you find a church home, you will want to become water-baptized. By accepting Christ you are baptized in the spirit, but it is through water-baptism that you show your obedience to the Lord. Water baptism is a symbol of your salvation from the dead. You were dead but now you live; for the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed you for a price! The price was His death on the cross.  May God Bless You!

Sinner’s Prayer

Dear God in heaven, I come to you in the name of Jesus. I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived; I need your forgiveness.

I believe that your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ shed His precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for my sins, and I am now willing to turn from my sin.

You said in Your Holy Word, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord our God and believe in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved.

Right now I confess Jesus as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. This very moment I accept Jesus Christ as my own personal Savior and according to His Word, right now I am saved.

Thank you Jesus for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my sins. I thank you Jesus that your grace never leads to license, but rather it always leads to repentance. Therefore Lord Jesus transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and giving me eternal life.

If  you just said this prayer and you meant it with all your heart, we believe that there is a great possibility that you just got saved and are born again.  You may ask, “Now that I am saved, what is next?” First of all, you need to get into a bible-based church, and study God’s Word. Once you have found a church home, you will want to become water-baptized. By accepting Christ you are baptized in the spirit, but it is through water-baptism that you show your obedience to the Lord. Water baptism is a symbol of your salvation from the dead. You were dead but now you live, for the Lord Jesus Christ has redeemed you for a price! The price was His death on the cross. May God Bless You!


About Sola Awolaja

Sola Awolaja graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) in Political Science and M.Sc. (International Relations). He is a born again Christian who believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. His divine calling as an Evangelist is to Evangelize zealously online/offline, encourage the faith of other believers-in-Christ and prepare people to always be ready for imminent glorious Rapture. As a committed Evangelist and soul winner for our Lord Jesus Christ, he wants to witness always about the Savior of the world (Holy Lord Jesus Christ). As a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, he is proclaiming his salvation, call to repentance, and soon coming (glorious Rapture). He is also warning people to repent from their sins and idolatry, bearing witness to the judgments of God coming on the Earth and end time signs. His major aim is to awaken many souls to prepare for eternity - Heaven or Hell. The major focus of his "Maranatha Trumpeter" Evangelical Outreach is global Evangelism as well as continuous massive soul winning for our Lord Jesus Christ online/offline and urgently preparing people worldwide for the imminent glorious Rapture. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants people to be perpetually ready for the imminent glorious Rapture. Shalom.

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  1. Pope Francis is the apocalyptic false prophet. “Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth, and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon.”(Revelation 13:11). Biblical prophecy is now a reality. Indeed, Pope Francis manifested like a gentle “lamb” initially but now he is speaking like a demonic “dragon.” Rapture watchers, be perpetually ready for rapture. After the glorious rapture, Pope Francis will work actively with Antichrist (Barack Obama). The two of them will be empowered by Satan to form the endtime satanic trinity. They will usher in the satanic New World Order (NWO). They will also plunge the world into great tribulation period. Left behind believers will be severely tortured to death for refusing the mark of the Beast (RFID chip). New World Order religious system will regard Antichrist as “God” and “Saviour.” Multitudes will worship Antichrist as “God” through the satanic deception of the false prophet. The rapture is at the door! Maranatha.

    • Antichrist will be empowered by Satan. With his satanic empowerment, Antichrist will have supernatural powers and abilities. Deluded people will regard him as “God” and worship him. They are hell bound! Satan, Antichrist and the false prophet are also doomed! They will end up in the horrible and eternal lake of fire.

    • Dear Brother, you are so wrong
      About Obama. He is not bad.
      He is just a Democrat as I am.
      Are you sending me to hell because
      I vote democratic? I have been a
      Christian for over 50 years and a
      Democrat for longer than that.
      You have need to keep politics &
      Christianity separate.
      God bless,
      John Gregory

  2. Bongani Njenjane

    I have just accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and I feel an undescribable need to snatch more souls for the Lord from the hands of the devil.

    • Bongani, I commend you for making the right decision to accept eternal salvation and also serve our Lord Jesus Christ. You will remain a loyal follower of Jesus Christ by God’s grace. You will not backslide in Jesus name. Be perpetually ready for glorious rapture. Our rapture blessed hope is a reality. Our selfless service for our Lord Jesus Christ will be bountifully rewarded in heaven. We will be among the raptured saints by God’s grace. Maranatha.

  3. I just found your site & I love it!
    I am a 69 year old retired steelworker
    & chaplain. Partly disabled & stay @ home. Love to read (all the time).
    I have been a Watcher for over 50
    years! Glory to God!

    John & Bea Gregory


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