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What Is Glorious Rapture?

Glorious Rapture Day

What is glorious Rapture? “Rapture” is the word used to designate the time of Jesus’ return in the air to take His followers to heaven. In 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Apostle Paul said that living believers will be “caught up” with the dead in Christ to meet the Lord in the air. The Greek word Paul used here is “harpazo,” which means “to snatch away.” When the Bible was translated into Latin, the scholars rendered “harpazo” as “rapturo.” It is just a short step then from “rapturo” to the English word “rapture.” Although the word “rapture” does not appear in the English translation of Scripture, the sense of the word is surely there. Therefore, Christians will be “snatched away” when the Lord Jesus descends with a shout. Jesus Christ will appear suddenly one day, reaches out His arms and makes millions of people, both living and dead, disappear from earth.

Here is how Apostle Paul described the disappearance of millions of people from the earth into the heavenly kingdom:
“Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep (die), but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed (1 Corinthians 15: 51-52).”

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord (1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17).”

The “dead in Christ” would rise first before the living believers in Jesus Christ. This indicates that all people who trusted in Jesus Christ from the Day of Pentecost (over 2000 years ago) until the moment of “rapture,” both the living and the dead, would join Jesus Christ in the air on rapture day. This is an event solely for those who have genuinely accepted the great salvation offer of Jesus Christ and perpetually ready for His glorious appearance. You will be left behind on rapture day if you are an unbeliever, Muslim, Idolater, Occultist, Atheist, Agnostic, Freethinker, unrepentant sinner or lukewarm/cold Christian.

As a true believer in Jesus Christ, the “rapture” will facilitate for you a quick trip to heaven. You will enjoy this marvelous experience on that day. In John 14, after Jesus Christ had made the Upper Room announcement that He was departing, He reassured His disciples by telling them that His departure was related to what He was doing for His true believers, preparing an eternal dwelling place (Heavenly Mansions) for them. Then He told them He would be coming back to take them to that place. Therefore, Jesus Christ will take us to be with Him at the “rapture” due to His promise of a wonderful place for us in His heavenly kingdom. The moment living believers are ushered into Christ’s presence, they will receive their new glorious bodies. “…but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet…For this corruptible must put on in-corruption, and this mortal must put on immortality (1 Corinthians 15: 51-53).”

Imagine the thrill of hearing the shout of the Lord Jesus Christ, the voice of the archangel, and the trumpet of God. Imagine looking up and seeing the glorious Jesus Christ with His Open arms, ready to hold you for an eternity. Imagine these things, only if you are a genuinely born-again Christian. If you are an unbeliever, Muslim, Idolater, Occultist, Atheist, Agnostic, Freethinker, unrepentant sinner or lukewarm/cold Christian, you will not hear the shouts and trumpet blasts. You will be left behind!

Resurrection & Rapture Day

If you are left behind on “rapture” day, you will hear news reports worldwide that whole congregations of people disappeared suddenly, employees or employers suddenly vanished and vital public services are disrupted due to mass absenteeism. Therefore, you will notice with great fear that “rapture” indeed occurred. No matter how blinded the unbelieving world may be to the events in the sky on that day, they will soon know that something extraordinary has occurred. Imagine reading the news report below in a newspaper after the “rapture”.

Breaking News: Millions Reported Missing!

Christ Returns News

News reports arriving from cities around the globe tell of a mysterious disappearance of thousands and thousands of people. In some instances, entire families have vanished without a trace….

Could this headline and lead paragraph appear in your newspaper tomorrow? Is it possible that Jesus Christ could return today and suddenly remove His true followers from this earth, leaving an unbelieving world to wonder where all the Christians have gone?

This is an extremely practical issue. If Jesus Christ could return today, we need to be ready. We cannot afford to take the future for granted. Those who live in the perpetual expectation that Jesus Christ could return at any moment have reason to live a different and better life than unbelievers. It gives everyone who knows the way to heaven urgent reason to introduce others to Jesus Christ, before it is too late. Everyone who looks for Christ’s return has reason to live the kind of life that will please the Lord Jesus Christ at His coming (“Glorious Rapture”). The Apostle John recognized this when he wrote,”…when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure.” (1 John 3: 2-3).

Prior to the “Rapture” day, Anti-Christ spirit (Satan) will continue to instigate rebellious unbelievers (ISIS, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, etc.) to take up arms against and be killing faithful Christians who will not yield to satanic overtures to compromise their faith in Jesus Christ. Only genuine Christians whose faith in Jesus Christ remain unshaken will be gathered to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air on the great “Rapture” day (1 Corinthians 15:51-53; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18). Ensure that you sustain your faith with fervent prayers on a daily basis in order to remain steadfast with our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray always for mercy to be rapturable.

No one really knows when the “glorious rapture” will occur. Scoffers have been scoffing for over 2,000 years. However, Jesus Christ can be trusted to keep His promise to return for His true followers (John 14:2-3). As a redeemed believer, you should maintain an attitude and condition of perpetual readiness for the rapture (Matthew 24:44). You cannot know the day or hour that Jesus Christ will return. It will be suddenly and unexpectedly when Jesus Christ will descend toward earth one day. As He does, the mighty sound of a heavenly trumpet and a cry of triumph will pierce the air. Then the resurrection and the “glorious rapture” will occur (1 Thessalonians 4:15-18; 1 Corinthians 15:51-53). You should maintain constant readiness. “Rapture” can occur at any moment. Whether you believe it or not, it will take place one day. It is inevitable! Rapture is at the door! Be perpetually ready!

After the rapture, Antichrist will rise to power. He will gather a huge following through satanic deception and also cause untold suffering in the world, especially for the unraptured Christians. Antichrist will receive his power, throne and authority from Satan (Revelation 13:2). He will be a ruler, conqueror, guilty of terrible blasphemy against God, put himself above everything and everyone and also proclaim himself to be “God” (Revelation 6:2, 13:5; Daniel 11:37; 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

Antichrist will attack unraptured Christians; kill millions of them for refusing to accept his “666” mark and worship his image; have authority over the nations; demand that his image be worshipped by everybody and his number will be “666” (Revelation 6:9-11; 7:9-17; 13:7-18). If you are not raptured, you may end up receiving Antichrist satanic mark and worship him (Revelation 13:16-18). Accept the great salvation offer of Jesus Christ now! Death may come today! Tomorrow will be too late!

Antichrist will be sent by Satan after the rapture. He will be the “king of fierce countenance,” the “willful king,” the “Man of Sin,” the “Son of Perdition” and the “Beast” (Daniel 8:23-25, 9:26-27, 11:16, 36-38; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 13:1-10). When the Antichrist is revealed, the terrible events of the great tribulation and the devastation of the War of Armageddon will occur (2 Thessalonians 2:3; Revelation 6:9-11, 11:18, 13:1-18, 16:9, 19:19-21).

After rising to world prominence, Antichrist will conduct a reign of terror, bringing death to millions of people worldwide. The suffering and death that will fall on the nations during the great tribulation will be horrible. Satan, Antichrist, False Prophet and the numerous followers of Antichrist worldwide will end up in the eternal Lake of Fire and Sulfur eventually (Revelation 14:9-12, 19:17-21, 20:10-15). Accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour today! Stop your unbelieving disposition now!

The various challenges rapture watching Christians are presently experiencing worldwide are end time satanic schemes to discourage and frustrate dedicated rapture watchers. However, we will not give up our strong faith in Jesus Christ. We are overcomers. We will remain as steadfast rapture watchers. We will be among the raptured saints in Jesus name. Our heavenly hope will become a reality when we get to heavenly New Jerusalem on glorious rapture day. We will joyfully walk on the golden streets of heavenly New Jerusalem with Jesus Christ and dwell in our heavenly mansions forever.

The unbelieving world will be taken unawares one day. People are presently oblivious of the angels of God at the portals of heaven ready to blast the trumpet of God one day for the rapture. Sinners and unbelievers are going about their usual programmes with an “I-don’t-care” attitude about what to expect. They are behaving as if there is nothing very important at stake. Very sad! As dedicated rapture watchers, we must be perpetually ready for the glorious rapture. Unbelievers are still scoffing at prophetic rapture. As with past fulfilled prophecies, rapture prophecy will also become fulfilled. Rapture event will really occur suddenly one day. Unbelievers and scoffers will be in great shock on rapture day. Raptured saints will be joyous in heaven with Jesus Christ.

As real born again Christians and rapture watchers, we should talk more about hell to sinners and unbelievers. We must be zealous soul winners for Jesus Christ in this grace period before rapture day. Numerous souls are ending up in hell daily. Let us depopulate hell for Jesus Christ. According to divine revelations from Jesus Christ, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Selena, Susan ‘Goldie’ Harvey and many dead celebrities are now in hell due to their sinful and unrepentant condition when they died. Heaven must be populated with numerous saved souls. That is the greatest desire of Jesus Christ.

As a redeemed follower of Jesus Christ, you are a citizen of a heavenly city. This glorious city is more dazzling and beautiful than anyone on earth has ever seen. As rapture watchers, we are waiting for our glorious entry on rapture day into New Jerusalem with hopeful anticipation. Apostle Paul assured us that our grand entry into New Jerusalem will happen on rapture day at Christ’s coming for us in the air. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). On rapture day, you will pass through a pearly gate and enter New Jerusalem. You will gaze in wonder when you see your image on the transparent golden streets of New Jerusalem. You will eat fruits from the tree of life and drink from the crystal river of life. You will dwell in your mansion. Our rapture flight is inevitable!

Antichrist will become very powerful globally after rapture due to satanic empowerment. People will worship Satan through Antichrist because he will be a possessed Satanist (“Beast”). He will gather huge followers worldwide through satanic deception and also cause great suffering in the world, especially for unraptured Christians. Any unraptured believer must not accept the “mark of the Beast” (RFID Chip). Accepting it will damn the person into eternal burning hell (Revelation 14:9-11).
Antichrist will strictly enforce implementation of the “mark of the Beast” (RFID Chip: 666 code). He will attack unraptured believers; kill millions of them for refusing to accept his mark (RFID Chip) and worship his image; have authority over the nations; demand that his image be worshiped by everybody and his number will be “666.”

The Microchip (Mark of The Beast)

The glorious rapture will create a new society of people with glorified bodies far removed from the limits of earth. Apostle Paul prophesied the glorious rapture event in 1 Corinthians 15:51-53; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Imagine the thrill of hearing the shout of our Lord Jesus Christ, the voice of the archangel and the trumpet of God. Imagine looking up and seeing Jesus Christ with His open arms, ready to hold you for an eternity. A quick flight to heaven in your glorified body is awaiting you on rapture day. Jesus Christ will lead raptured saints to heavenly New Jerusalem. Angels will usher you into your glorious mansion. Unraptured scoffers and unbelievers will know that something extraordinary has occured. How? On rapture day, whole congregations of people will disappear, employees will suddenly vanish, vital public services will be disrupted by mass absenteeism, infants will disappear and unborn babies in the wombs of pregnant women will vanish suddenly!

The Jasper Wall Of New Jerusalem: “Then he measured its wall: one hundred and forty-four cubits..The construction of its wall was of jasper..” (Revelation 21:17-18). On your arrival in heavenly New Jerusalem on rapture day as a raptured saint, you will gaze in awe at the massive jasper wall which is 144 cubits in height (216 feet). You will stare at a shining golden city with 12 pearly gates. The jasper wall being 216 feet high, it impressively signifies that no one will enter the glorious city apart from God’s grace. The 216 feet high wall is too high to be scaled by human effort and the only entry points are the 12 guarded pearly gates. Therefore, the compulsory requirement for admittance into New Jerusalem is the salvation of Jesus Christ. No one who has rejected God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ will be able to enter New Jerusalem. Salvation is the gift of God’s grace to people who humbly acknowledge their need of forgiveness and who receive Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour.

CNN, BBC, SKY, FOX, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE, INSTAGRAM, MSN and YAHOO. These popular News and Social Media websites will be very busy on glorious rapture day. Why? They will be reporting the most amazing News in history. “BREAKING NEWS: JESUS CHRIST CAME! MILLIONS MISSING AROUND THE WORLD! RAPTURE TOOK PLACE AT LAST!” If you are left behind on rapture day, you will read this Breaking News either on your Television, desktop PC, laptop PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, BlackBerry phone, touch screen Smartphone or normal mobile phone. This is not a fairy tale. Rapture is a reality. This is the blessed hope of dedicated rapture watchers worldwide. Whether scoffers and unbelievers believe it or not, glorious rapture is at the door! Therefore, be perpetually ready for glorious rapture. Jesus Christ gave us the glorious rapture assurance in Revelation 3:10. Are you a rapture watcher? Don’t give up!

The Great Tribulation Period Martyrdom! You have only two options. It is either you are perpetually ready for the glorious rapture or ready for great tribulation period martyrdom. All left behind cold/ lukewarm Christians and unbelievers must be ready to die as “Martyrs” if they want to go to heaven as great tribulation period saints. After the glorious rapture, there will be great tribulation period worldwide.

Left behind unbelievers and scoffers must accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. All left behind people must not accept the Mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666) in their right hands or foreheads. They must not worship Antichrist and his image. They will be tortured horribly and then beheaded due to their non-conformist attitude. Left behind people who willingly worship Antichrist and his image and also accept his mark (RFID chip: 666) will end up in the eternal lake of fire and sulphur. Cold and lukewarm Christians must wake up now! Don’t be left behind! Rapture is at the door!


Accepting this mark (RFID chip: 666) is the irreversible act of selling your soul to Satan. This sin is unforgivable and cannot be reversed by physically removing the mark (Revelation 14:9-11). Your soul belongs to God. Therefore if you receive this mark, you then will belong to Satan. If you receive this mark, you are willfully placing your faith in man and not in God. You are actively choosing to live without a loving God who desires to spend eternity with you in Heaven. God does not want you choosing Hell’s path. God knew these things beforehand, and because He loves us and wants us to acknowledge this, it was revealed to us through the writing of the apostle John in Revelation around 100 AD. If you are not taken up through rapture to heaven and are thereby left behind for the tribulation, you must not receive the mark of the Beast even though you will be tortured then killed for not accepting the government’s sanctioned acts of Satan. You MUST Remember this at all times because the hope of heaven still remains until the end comes.

The Agony Of Tribulation Period: Life existence will be agonizing during the great tribulation period. Demonic forces will invade the Earth ferociously after the glorious rapture. During the great tribulation period, these demonic forces will cruelly torture and kill left behind believers who refused to be chipped (mark of the Beast: RFID Chip: 666). Martyred believers will come to heaven as great tribulation saints. It is better to die as a “Martyred” saint than running helter skelter in search of hidden places. Can you hide inside thick forest or mountain caves for many years? Can you survive for a long time without food or water? The worldwide great tribulation period will be very horrible. As steadfast rapture watchers, we will be among the raptured saints in Jesus name. We will walk on the golden streets of heavenly New Jerusalem with Jesus Christ and dwell in our heavenly mansions forever. Be perpetually ready for glorious rapture. Warning signs are manifesting worldwide. Rapture day is inevitable! Raptured or left behind? Decide now! Scoffing about rapture is not good. Rapture is a reality!

Rapture: Super Flight To Heaven Alive!!! How will you feel if you go to sleep one night beside your family and loved ones, and wake up in the morning to discover that your wife or husband or children have vanished into thin air, taking nothing with them? How will you feel if you hear through the media that all babies and infants in your city have disappeared suddenly?

Imagine, the news rent the air that people driving cars had suddenly vanished, leaving their automobiles to swerve and somersault! Imagine, air planes, suddenly become pilot-less in mid air as they crash to the ground! You would be awe-struck if you hear on CNN or BBC News that these stupendous events had affected the entire world simultaneously! This is not a fairy tale. Rapture super flight is a reality! Whether scoffers believe it or not, a day is coming, a time unknown to the world, when rapture event will really occur in the world, suddenly! Jesus has delayed rapture for over 2,000 years! Rapture is now at the door! Be perpetually ready!

Glorious Rapture: Are We Really Fanatical? Dedicated Rapture watchers are regarded as “Rapture fanatics” by scoffers and unbelievers. To them, we are filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm about glorious rapture. They are always mocking our rapture blessed hope. They regard rapture as a “fairy tale” or fantasy. Whether people believe it or not, the rapture is at the door! Whether people believe it or not, Jesus Christ will appear in the sky for the glorious rapture suddenly! The blessed hope of Rapture watchers can’t be suppressed by opinions of mortal men. Our immortal God (Jesus Christ) is coming to take us to heavenly New Jerusalem on rapture day. This is our blessed hope. Scoffers have been mocking Rapture watchers for over 2,000 years! Raptured or left behind? People must decide now! Time is running out!!! Rapture day is inevitable!

Rapture: Are Rapture Watchers Scare Mongers? To scoffers, dedicated Rapture watchers are alarmists and scare mongers. They are wrong! Rapture day is a prophetic reality! Whether people believe it or not, rapture day is at the door! Whether scoffers believe it or not, Jesus Christ is coming for the glorious rapture. Whether doubters believe it or not, the apocalyptic Antichrist and False Prophet are already in our midst. However, they are still pretending as “men of global peace.” Revelation 13 will become fulfilled after the inevitable rapture. The Restrainer (Holy Spirit) will leave the earth with raptured saints on rapture day. This will enable the satanic New World Order (NWO) to become a reality. Holy Spirit is still presently restraining NWO. After rapture, Antichrist and False Prophet will commence their evil end time agenda. They will be empowered by Satan. The mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666) will be enforced worldwide (Revelation 13:16-18). Rapture watchers, be ready always for rapture.

Rapture Is A Reality!!! Indeed, rapture day is inevitable. Rapture will occur suddenly and unexpectedly! Numerous signs and events worldwide indicates that rapture day is imminent. Therefore, we must be perpetually ready for glorious rapture. We should remain as dedicated Rapture watchers and soul winners for our Lord Jesus Christ. Glorious rapture is a reality and our blessed hope. Jesus Christ gave us this blessed assurance: “Because you have kept my command to endure, I will also keep you safe from the time of trouble (tribulation) which is coming upon the world to test all the people on earth.”(Revelation 3:10). We will be among the raptured saints by God’s grace. We will walk on heavenly golden streets and dwell in our glorious mansions forever. Raptured saint or tribulation saint? “Raptured” in glory or “martyred” in pain? Raptured or left behind? Decide wisely!!!

Imminent Rapture Will Jolt NWO Suddenly!!! Left behind people will know that something extraordinary has occured. How? On rapture day, whole congregations of people will disappear, some employees will suddenly vanish, vital public services will be disrupted by mass absenteeism, infants will disappear and unborn babies in the wombs of pregnant women will vanish suddenly! Some family members will vanish suddenly! Hardened looters will go on looting spree. There will be mass panic and confusion everywhere. Due to rapture, many pilot-less airplanes will crash suddenly! Many vehicles will collide or somersault suddenly! Accidents will be numerous worldwide. Also, many trains will derail suddenly! All these awesome calamities will occur worldwide at the same hour suddenly! Many News media online and offline will definitely report these worldwide amazing calamities. No matter the New World Order (NWO) cover up, some left behind people will realize that glorious rapture indeed occurred as prophesied. Alien rapture deception is futile!

Glorious Rapture: Super Glorified Body!!! If you become raptured on rapture day, your glorified body will be like the glorified body of Jesus Christ at His resurrection and in which He lives today. “..But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He really is. Everyone who has this hope in Christ keeps himself pure, just as Christ is pure (1 John 3:1-3).” A vital connection between us and our Saviour Jesus will endure for eternity. You will live forever in a real glorified body, eat, drink, interact with Jesus and other raptured saints in New Jerusalem. Your immortal body will glow gloriously. Your body and brain will possess supernatural powers. You won’t need mobile phone to communicate or vehicles to go from one place to another. Just desiring information will bring it to mind! Just thinking about going somewhere will get you there! You can appear and disappear suddenly! You can walk through closed doors and traverse from earth to heaven at will. Amazing!

What Are Major Rapture Hinderances? “Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, Lord, if my brother keeps on sinning against me, how many times do I have to forgive him? Seven times? No, not seven times, answered Jesus, but seventy times seven….And Jesus concluded, That is how my Father in heaven will treat every one of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.” (Matthew 18:21-35). Read this quotation in detail in your Bible. If you want to become raptured, you must always avoid unforgiving spirit, anger, pride, arrogance, rebellion, impatience, hatred, envy, jealousy, keeping malice, violent temper, covetousness and sexual sins. You must always forgive and forget in your heart any hurt done to you by anybody. You must pray always for self control, humility and forgiving spirit. Jesus Christ forgave so many hurts done to him and even prayed to God to forgive the enemies that crucified him on the cross. You must repent from known or secret sins. Pray always for mercy to be rapturable. Be ready always!!!

Rapture: You Have Only 2 Vital Choices!! The Earth is now at a critical junction. We have arrived at the valley of decision. No more procrastination! Rapture watchers have been expecting glorious rapture for over 2,000 years. Scoffers have been mocking our rapture blessed hope for over 2,000 years. However, the moment of decision is now upon us! You have only 2 vital choices to make. It is either you are perpetually ready for the imminent rapture or ready to die as a “Martyr” during the great tribulation period. What is your choice? Your choice is very vital. Your self-righteousness and hypocrisy are futile. Repent from your coldness or lukewarmness now! Your known or hidden sins cannot make you rapturable. Repent now! Don’t be left behind on rapture day. Are you a scoffer? Repent now! Whether people believe it or not, rapture is at the door! Jesus Christ will appear in the sky suddenly and unexpectedly! You can’t know the day or hour of rapture but it is imminent! Be ready always. Don’t give up!

Are You Born Again But Rapture Phobic? You or someone you know may be rapture phobic due to fear of uncertainty. You are not sure whether you will be raptured or left behind on rapture day. Rapture is a matter of faith. Indeed, Jesus Christ will appear in the sky for the rapture suddenly and unexpectedly! Day or hour unknown! Phobia? Believe that Jesus Christ is coming to take us to heavenly New Jerusalem on rapture day. This is our blessed hope. Continue with your soul winning for Jesus Christ online/offline. Repent from known or secret sins. Confess them in prayer and ask for forgiveness in Jesus name. Pray always for mercy to be rapturable. Remain always optimistic and perpetually ready for rapture. Be heavenly minded always. Do not fear that you may be left behind. Rebuke the demonic spirit of fear in Jesus name.

Eternity: Are You Heavenly Or Hell Bound? “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” (Revelation 21:8). This biblical quotation will condemn you to eternal damnation after your physical death. Jesus Christ will judge you on judgment day. You can still escape this eternal doom in the lake of fire since you are still alive. Repent and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour now! Today may be your last day before death. Avoid hell! Heaven is your best choice. Jesus Christ loves you. No more excuse for you if you die as an Atheist, Agnostic, Freethinker or unbeliever. God is real! Jesus Christ is real! Heaven and Hell are real! You have been warned! Repent before it is too late! Judgment day is certain! Jesus Christ is the only WAY to Heaven (John 14:6). Are you a cold or lukewarm believer? Be hot for Jesus and ready always for Rapture!

True Rapture Watcher Or Rapture Hater? You are claiming to be a true believer but you are still obsessed with worldly celebrities, politicians or superstars, worldly music/movies and worldly musicians/actors/actresses. You are very attached to your material acquisitions, power and worldly fame. You are idolizing your Black Berry phone, iPad or touch screen Smart- phone. You are not keen about evangelism and you are not an active soul winner for Jesus Christ. You have unforgiving spirit and no compassion for the poor or needy. You are a liar, covetous, malicious, greedy, selfish, proud, arrogant and still indulging in known or secret sins. You are still a masturbator, fornicator or adulterer/adulteress. You love pornography, worldly games, sports betting, lottery or casino gambling. In your mind, you wish that Jesus Christ can delay “Rapture” for another “50 years” due to your worldly attachment. You are not a true rapture watcher. You are a cold/lukewarm believer! Repent now!!! Don’t be left behind!

Wake Up Call For Lukewarm Believers!!! Are you pretending in public to serve Jesus Christ while in secret you serve Satan? Are you publicly preaching the undiluted “Word of God” but secretly indulging in sins? On rapture day, your secret sins will hinder your rapture flight. After the true saints have been raptured, the “hypocrites” that are left behind will suffer greatly during the great tribulation period. As a lukewarm believer, if you are left behind on rapture day, you will suffer shame and disgrace. How? Left behind unbelievers who knows you will mock you by saying: “Why did you not go with your raptured colleagues? So you were faking your faith in Jesus Christ all along? You must be a big fool! How can you end up being left behind with chronic sinners like us? What have you done that made Jesus Christ to leave you behind?” Also, Antichrist and his NWO forces will arrest and torture you to death for refusing the mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666). Wake up! Raptured or left behind? Decide now!

Some People Are Scared Of Rapture!!! What is scary about Rapture? How often do you think about Rapture? Are you prepared for the appearance of Jesus Christ in the sky? Do you have clear understanding of Rapture? Rapture is an unpopular topic in lukewarm churches. Lukewarm believers care less about it because it is not as enticing and motivating as prosperity, breakthrough, blessings and earthly success. However, Rapture is a daily expectation and thought of the wise Christians while prosperity and earthly blessings are the focus for the lukewarm/cold Christians. Rapture is the catching away of the saints to Heaven by Jesus Christ. This will happen within seconds and any moment very soon!(1 Corinthians 15:51-52, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). Rapture is a glorious event. An Arch-angel of God will blow the trumpet suddenly! True believers who are waiting for it, expecting it and preparing for it will hear the trumpet sound, gloriously transformed and raptured! Don’t be scared. Be perpetually ready!

Rapture: Any Hope For Left Behind People? After Rapture, there is hope for left behind lukewarm believers and unbelievers to make heaven. However, they can only make heaven as “martyred saints” during the “great tribulation” period. They must be ready to die for their faith in Jesus Christ. They must not worship the Antichrist or accept the mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666). As martyred saints, they will join the raptured saints in heaven after Rapture (Revelation 6:9-11, 7:9-17). After Rapture, left behind unbelievers must accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour if they want to make heaven as “martyed saints.” If they die as unbelievers, they will end up in hell! If you are left behind on Rapture day and due to fear of torture and death, you decide to worship the Antichrist and accept the mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666), you are doomed! You will spend your eternity in the horrible lake of fire and sulphur (Revelation 14:9-12). You have been warned! Raptured or martyred? Decide wisely!

The Judgment Seat Of Christ: Reward Or Loss? After rapture, this heavenly event will be an exciting experience of the faithful servants of Jesus Christ who are rewarded but it will be a miserable “loss” for unprofitable servants who have no rewards. For references, read 1 Corinthians 3:11-15, 9:25-27; 2 Corinthians 5:10; 2 Timothy 4:8; James 1:12; 1 Thessalonians 2:19; 1 Peter 5:4; Revelation 2:10; Matthew 25:14-30. The Bible promises many crowns for raptured believers whose faithful service for Jesus provides them with genuine rewards that survive the fire test. Crowned saints will be very excited on that glorious day of heavenly reward. Crown is a symbol of rulership.

As rapture watchers, are we profitable or unprofitable servants? Are we dedicated to evangelism, soul winning and care for the poor or needy? Can our service survive the fire test at the judgment seat of Christ? Are we serving Jesus lovingly, selflessly and devotedly? What is our motive for service? We must decide now! Rapture is at the door!

Urgent: Vital Facts About Mark Of The Beast (RFID Chip)!!!

The Mark Of The Beast Or Bar-code

In Revelation 13:16-18, Apostle John prophesied about the mark of the Beast/number 666. The mark of the Beast (RFID chip: 666) will be a cashless financial identification system that Antichrist will establish during the tribulation period after the imminent rapture. Antichrist will make it compulsory for left behind people to have RFID chip implanted under the skin of the right hand or on the forehead. The RFID chip will hold various amount of data pertaining to each person who receives the implant. Before receiving the mark of the Beast (RFID chip), you will swear allegiance to Antichrist and worship him as God. You can’t buy or sell without this mark which will replace cash, checks, debit and credit cards. If you take the mark of the Beast (RFID chip), you will end up in the eternal lake of fire and sulphur (Revelation 14:9-11).

RAPTURE REVEALED!!! (Divine Revelation Of Glorious Rapture).
By Kwadwo Twum-Barima

Raptured Saints

“Surely the Lord GOD does nothing unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.”-Amos 3:7. It was cool, beautiful night exactly a year ago now as I woke and took a look at the time on my cellphone. It read 03:15 in the wee morning of April 28, 2013.

On that faithful night , I could slowly see myself being in bed though I was deeply asleep then suddenly like a switch of an electric lamp, my eye opened and I could see outside my bedroom in solid vivid color! From where my bed was I could see through the window outside the perimeters of the building!

Instinctively, I knew I was in Spirit; And this time, was yet to witness another SUPERNATURAL SPECTACLE after experiencing an hour in heaven and “a mouth-to-mouth” audience with the Heavenly Father Jehovah, just some few years back! (A very rare spectacle and that got confirmed by the Holy Spirit in churches my relatives do attend in both Africa and in Europe!)

Now back to my being woken by the Holy Spirit this very early morning, I could see from the roof top of the adjacent building, people dressed in WHITE garment, shooting up from the roof top of the buildings into this kind of moon-lit-serene sky like powerful balloons being released from under the rivers and making their way up to the surface!

Not too sure of what I was witnessing I got out of the bed this time, ( all alone in Spirit) and walked towards the window so to see more clearly what I was amazingly seeing!!! That is people shooting up from ROOF TOPS OF BUILDING into the sky from adjacent buildings and afar!

Then it occurred to me without doubt I was witnessing and experiencing nothing but THE RAPTURE! The Holy Spirit then moved me through the sky like a flying eagle anywhere throughout the world I wanted to see. The scenario around the world were the same. I decided to see just what was happening in the United States, especially New York, then within seconds I was moved to the United States; – the Empire State Building ( though I have never been to New York but the Holy Spirit moved me to where I just thought to see) and other skyscrapers! My spiritual journey didn’t end there but took me to across Russia, Asia, and Africa…..the whole world in matter of seconds!

At a point, the Holy Spirit brought me to a central point where all coming up to meet the Lord passes through so that I could see them properly! They had all changed and wearing long garments in white ; both kids and adults. And they were mostly clinched together in two and sometimes in three. From where I was high up in the sky, I could see the whole earth in its global form.

The Holy Spirit then took me much higher into the atmosphere. And up there I found myself hovering and a wonderful calmed wind blowing over me as the multitude dressed in white garment many of whom were in pair or trio while others were alone; men, women, as well as children, pass on by all with such smiling faces onward to meet the Lord Jesus Christ who was still riding downwards to earth! And I had my share of enjoyment as those who passed by shared smiles with me.

Then the Spirit brought me down so that I could see the spectacle from another angle. That is seeing the elect moving towards the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Lord Jesus Christ riding down in His Mighty presence! It was then that I got frightened to the realization that just a few thousands into the millions got changed into a garment of white and also radiating in gold made it to meet HIM in mid-air!

Another spectacle I noticed was there were no old men or women or wheel-chaired-bound or sick amputated legs or arms among them. And neither were there black people nor Chinese people or any other human color but Caucasian-like-skin likeness! They look very beautiful beings like those in Heaven and the 144,000 (also changed) and STILL waiting here on earth now! THEY ALL CHANGED INTO A SKIN COLOR LIKE GOD’S !!

Majority of the elect had very pretty unusual golden-like-hair, looking very youthful and to the word; VERY BEAUTIFUL!!! Those changed into white garment and being lifted up, (like balloons or fishes reaching for the surface) were the elect or chosen of the Lord Jesus Christ dressed in white garment to meet the Messiah who rode in a massive battalions of horsemen riding on white horses and radiating with a mixture of gold and white coming from heaven.

This massive convoy rode on both sides of the Messiah, left and right and whose face I couldn’t see as His face shone and radiant like a trillion star cum nuclear reactors combined! – (Want you to figure out just how it is like!) There was this emission of gold and whiteness that lightens the darkness as He came in such GLORY!!!

And one frightening scene that I noticed and which shocked me deeply and was disturbing me was the number of the elect were far lesser as I had anticipated at least a billion counting from the days from Adam and thought I could have done more to save more lives…or we could have done more to save more lives but then it was too late!!!

Yes, the whole earth was thrown into such darkness and in some places like New York and Germany where the Holy Spirit took me to, one could hardly see lights to the mass of such big cities! And I don’t know where all those big city lights were gone too! And it was same story worldwide!

And then this strange stillness, couple with this sound that can be heard deep everywhere! There was this huge feeling of fear. A total apprehension and shock everywhere! I AM TALKING ABOUT THE WORD FEAR!!! FEAR HANGED IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD OVER! AND EVERYWHERE ONE COULD ONLY HEAR THE SOUND OF MOURNING…WEEPING COUPLED WITH THIS STRANGE SOUND THAT COULD BE HEARD THE WORLD OVER!!!

Jesus Christ is coming soon (that is what he told me to tell you all) and the Rapture is imminent! Some biblical scholars claim the signs are not yet. Yes, they are right but I am a pure messenger of the Living God. I DELIVER not by my will nor power which I do not have anyway, BUT OF THE HEAVENLY FATHER WHO SENT ME, THROUGH CHRIST JESUS!!! ”


What the Holy Spirit made me witnessed was the whole world having fallen into total darkness with one major source of light coming from Him as He rode from the Heavens in such a majestic whiteness and gold and power: Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ rode at the forefront in the middle! I don’t think any human can count the massive troops of Angels and including those in heaven He was coming down with! Nobody! And what the Holy Spirit took me from my room to experience was ACTIVE LIVE!

And those who didn’t change into the new-glorious-body were left behind from city to city and town to town and you name what, WEEPING LIKE KIDS! Such persons were left behind weeping since they were NOT CHOSEN!

As I said, the new-glorious-body looks very pretty and beautiful! Amongst the adults were NO OLD MEN OR WOMEN. And neither were the sick or crippled to be seen!

Rapture: Heavenly Time Is Running Out!!!

Jesus Christ showed Tebalelo Malapane a vision of Hell and the imminent Rapture. Tebalelo testified: “The Lord Jesus showed me a big clock. The size of the clock equals that of the Earth. The clock had 3 needles. The first needle represented the hour. The 2nd needle represented the minutes and the 3rd needle represented the seconds. The 2 needles, one for the hour and one for the minutes were already positioned at 12 O’Clock. The one for the seconds, I could not see how far it was. The Lord Jesus made me to understand that this clock started to tick from the beginning of the Earth. The Lord Jesus revealed to me that the end is near and that if the 3rd needle that represent the seconds reaches the 12 O’Clock position, then Jesus Christ will come to rapture the Church (Bride of Christ). The Lord Jesus commanded me to go preach the gospel as the end is close! Jesus Christ is coming!!!”

Vital Preparation Message From Lord Jesus Christ To All Rapture Watchers Worldwide.

A Happiest New Year’s Message from the Throne of God
Words Received from Messenger Gwendolen Rix for the Children of God (1-1-2015).

Good morning to the children of the Most High God. It is a new day here in my heavenlies as well. There are many final preparations taking place up here for the Bride to be received into her Bridal chambers. If you are a daughter of mine, are you wearing flowers in your hair? It is my kindest request of all my daughters to show the rest of the world that they are about ready to meet their Groom sometime this year. I will not give the date, but I promise to you that this is the year, my children. I am not giving the date or the hour, but as my children who are carefully following the signs-they are everywhere! I will not leave my daughter standing out on a limb all by herself proclaiming her Messiah’s arrival this year. These are MY WORDS not hers.

What shall you do with this piece of information? Will you shun her as a time setter or will you begin to take action? Will you also run to the hurt, the lost, the downtrodden? Will you tell others why you are wearing flowers in your hair my daughters?
Yesterday my daughter had the privilege of sharing with almost ten people why she was wearing flowers in her hair. Dainty little tea roses she wore and she looked so happy to bring this news forth to those in her city and at her work. I even anointed those whom she spoke to. I surely did and you too can expect to see this happening. If you are one of my children who are purified and a part of the Bride you should expect these anointings of confirmation as you proclaim my words throughout your cities.

I want to give you an example of this anointing of confirmation that comes directly from my Throne Room to your earth, my children. When my daughter went to the craft store to purchase her silk flowers to begin making hair accessories for her other sisters in Christ, she was at the check-out register and the cashier mentioned that spring is in the air. My daughter replied that she didn’t feel spring was in the air, but that there was a very special event taking place sometime this upcoming year. She told her that the Bride Groom was coming for his Bride (his holy children). Now this cashier used to serve Lucifer and proclaimed to my daughter that she was even ceremonially married to him. My daughter was not bothered by this information as my holy oil was shot straight down from my Throne directly to this woman’s chest.

Yes children, I sent a dart of love directly towards this lady’s chest. It also moved her back a step as she was completing the transaction. She was moved to tears too and was unable to concentrate on the next customer in line. You see my children, these are the supernatural phenomenon that you should be expecting as you walk about the earth professing my soon arrival.

My daughter also was able to testify to two of her coworkers yesterday of this fact. The one who is a chaplain doubted her words about my Wedding Supper, but the other coworker began to weep as she shared the news with her as the New Year’s clock almost struck midnight. Be profitable my children. Come before me and verify that this message is from the One True King. Verify it in your prayer closets and share the news with all that you know. This is the greatest message on face book this day!
Happy New Year to my most beautiful Bride! Happy New Year to my daughters who are now wearing delicate white wedding flowers in their hair!
The Happiest Groom in the Universe
Yeshua the Eternal King

Revelation 19:7
Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.
I John 4:1-6 *Testing the Spirits*
1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.










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