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  1. Amen. This is great end time message to the bride, the church of Christ. Maranatha.

  2. I am really blessed. My spirit is overwhelmed at the illustrations. I cry daily that I will not miss the rapture. Just some hours ago I was on my knees weeping, that Jesus should have mercy on me. After all these years of serving God, the rapture alert has been so real to me since last year. How I wish I had it earlier. God have mercy on my soul. Amen.

    • May God have mercy on us in Jesus name. Our rapture hope will become a reality in Jesus name. We will be among the raptured saints by the great mercy of Jesus Christ. Maranatha.

  3. for great is he that has begin this great and marvellous work am so thrill

  4. I have 3 dreams of the day of the Lord. The last two are similar concerning the multiple moons. I saw many moons like a show in the sky, everyone was watching, I thought this must be a sign from the heavens. Then the sky turned black and the moon turned red. In a dream I had a few days ago. There were moons again. This time I attempted to count them. I counted 5 when the clouds moved out of the way there were many many moons which then turned into bodies of people in robes being raptured. I thought I would be left cried to the lord and repented and asked him to take me too. It is then that a tunnel of great beauty appeared. Blue, red and stars throughout it. I felt my body ascend through the tunnel to heaven. Thank you for sharing. I have been wondering about the moons.

  5. I love what you are doing my brother. This is my heart cry, may we be found faithful when HE comes. Amen!

  6. I like to read but i can’t. Please can translation in Malay

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