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RFID Chip Is The Mark Of The Beast




Write my child, still a lot of my children are lost. They were trying to be a teacher on things they DO NOT understand. The mysteries has been revealed to only my chosen one. I will put it back in your mind, how you walked without knowing exactly why are you walking and you were not tired for it is I WHO was with you and reaching out for many souls who I love who I am wanting back and even to the lost.

The wisdom the Lord has given me about the meaning of 666:

6- is a number of a man (Man was made on the sixth day).

6- Man who became Beast for creating this thing (RFID) under the influence of the nether world (Hell).

6- A devilish man is born to force this thing (RFID) on mankind to get their soul.

This (RFID) will be used to make a ration on life’s necessity on the day of the great hardship turning them to man’s kindness (Hidden evil) instead of the true GOD (LORD JESUS CHRIST) and whoever accept this has sold their soul to Satan and there is no turning back from it. My child, why did I made you walked for it. I sent you to many places, countries to inform them of the danger it brought for I love you and all people. Why did you walked untiringly. I will say again. I was with you and if you are to look back how hard and how the enemy tried to harm you when you were walking for this. The enemy roars because he hated you for it for you were carrying my testimony and in all I protected and saved you..

And the Lord brought back to my mind all the perils I had faced when I was distributing this information and the Lord’s coming! A driver forced me to light off the vehicle in the middle of the street where large buses and trucks and all kinds of vehicles were passing. Losing my luggage where the (RFID) is kept when I went to Italy. I arrived Rome at 18:00 pm and was out only after 03:00 am. Fell down on the street when waiting for the bus in Italy and finding myself inside the bus being helped. Almost hit by the train, 1 meter before it hit me, a wind came and put me out of the railways. The information being thrown back at me. Was chased by a drunk man. Was locked inside a building when putting it on the boxes but after praying three teenagers came to open the door. And many more and the last time is when typing this, my son has been disturbed and losing what I am typing almost everytime.

And the Lord says :

Write what I have told you that because of what you have done many people will give praise and will give thanksgiving to me on that great joyous days and I have said and given the same words to your sister  Sarah for my confirmation. The danger, the one I wrote is here and you know I say I will send you My Holy Spirit and HE will teach you everything and I have said I will never ever leave you. My child, I am faithful and I needed you to write it for them. It will come and soon..the three and a half years of Daniel as I have revealed to you is here now, It is not by human understanding but My Spirit. I will say it again I will not make it long as countless souls are now in pain, sufferings, in hardships, in violence, in famines, in wars in pestilences. I AM A GOD of mercy and love and I will not make it long anymore. I will come soon for all people. And I am giving this understanding to you not in human understanding but through My Holy Spirit!

The Lord’s given words!

The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy.


About Sola Awolaja

Sola Awolaja graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) in Political Science and M.Sc. (International Relations). He is a born again Christian who believes in Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. His divine calling as an Evangelist is to Evangelize zealously online/offline, encourage the faith of other believers-in-Christ and prepare people to always be ready for imminent glorious Rapture. As a committed Evangelist and soul winner for our Lord Jesus Christ, he wants to witness always about the Savior of the world (Holy Lord Jesus Christ). As a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, he is proclaiming his salvation, call to repentance, and soon coming (glorious Rapture). He is also warning people to repent from their sins and idolatry, bearing witness to the judgments of God coming on the Earth and end time signs. His major aim is to awaken many souls to prepare for eternity - Heaven or Hell. The major focus of his "Maranatha Trumpeter" Evangelical Outreach is global Evangelism as well as continuous massive soul winning for our Lord Jesus Christ online/offline and urgently preparing people worldwide for the imminent glorious Rapture. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. He wants people to be perpetually ready for the imminent glorious Rapture. Shalom.

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